Sorry I have neglected this poor little blog that no one reads! My book sales have been uninspiring to say the least. I really need to figure out how to publicize it without being so obnoxious that I lose all my friends! I have now sold a total of 20 copies (none in the last 10 days), and given away almost that many. Everyone who has read it has really enjoyed it, but unless they tell a lot of their friends I won’t be selling more copies anytime soon. . .

I think I had this idea that my family and close friends would all want a copy—but this has not turned out to be true at all. Obviously, I overestimated the charm of my childhood stories! I’m not sorry I published it though. The ones who have read it have been so kind in their comments, and I know that it is available now to anyone who is interested, and especially to my own descendants in years to come—if I ever have any!

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  1. Hey Linda! I just came here because I read your book and saw you had photos on this website. I bought your book on the 21st so maybe you aren’t getting up to date info on sales? Anyway, I was surprised at how quickly it arrived, it was in my mailbox on the 23rd and I only paid for standard shipping. The main point though is that I read it in a day and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for going to the trouble to write and publish it. Its especially fun to read when I know you :)

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